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E-Commerce is the future of shopping. Thus it would be apt to quote "The future is here, its just not widely distributed". Internet economy will continue to grow robustly as India is believed to be the third largest country to use internet for online payments with a remarkable rise of over 100% each year for online shopping.

   Apart from Merchant Account Services, our payment gateway system recognizes all those clients who are looking for a successful online business, but are not given opportunity by various authorities to benefit from the escalating online growth. To fuel e-commerce growth, we providing various option of accepting payments online facilitating funds to your existing current/saving account where at the same time your name would be appearing on the customer's card statement, which brings value to your brand.

Our payment gateway system accepts Visa, Master, Mastro, Rupay, AMEX & Diners Card along with 40+ Net banking options. It also accepts payments through Itz Cash Card and a wide range of debit cards. Our Payment Gateway gives the ability to small & medium size merchants to test the E-Commerce waters & help them to get accustomed to the procedural business part of eCommerce.

Integration Kits

  • PHP
  • JSP
  • .NET
  • ROR
  • NOTE

Authorized Channel Partners of:

Maximum Payment Options

  • Major Credit Cards
  • All Master Card / Visa / AMEX / Maestro / RuPay Debit Cards
  • 40+ Net Banking
  • Mobile Payments

Collect Card Details Using I-Frame

We help you to collect card data on your own page using our secure iFrame solution. The best thing is that to do this you need not be PCI DSS certified!

The benefits of collecting card data on your own page is that your customer bounces reduce down to zero. It reduces steps in payment process leading to increase in conversions

Merchant Dashboard

Our dedicated merchant dashboard gives a deep insight into your daily transactions

  • Our dashboard has a Billings tab to tell you in detail about your payments, settled transactions and transactions waiting to be settled.
  • All Master Card / Visa / AMEX / Maestro / RuPay Debit Cards
  • We Auto-capture all your transactions. No need to do it manually.
  • Settlement in T+1 for cards, T+2 for net banking.

Mobile Checkout Page

Smartly engineered Transaction pages are designed using Responsive Web Design approach. It automatically optimizes the page for any device, be it smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops.

It looks great and enables easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling, providing an optimal transacting experience for your customers on-the-go.

E-Mail & SMS Alerts

Get instant alerts about each Transaction & Settlements by Email & SMS.

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